December 04, 2020

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Covid-19: Kinetic launched fogging & spraying EVs in India

Covid-19: Kinetic launched fogging

Covid-19: Kinetic launched

fogging & spraying EVs in


To curb the spread of the Coronavirus, the Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited has launched a range of Green solutions that disinfect the indoor and outdoor areas.

Covid-19: Kinetic launched fogging

The company has introduced three offerings which include Kinetic e-fogger and e-sprayer range for disinfecting places like public places, slums, large industrial campuses, hospitals, factories and residential townships. It has also introduced a portable UV Sanitizer which is used to disinfect indoor areas like hospital rooms, offices etc.

Covid-19: Kinetic launched fogging & Spraying EVs

The Kinetic is using the advance and green technology which includes novel water-based fogging solution and a Kinetic e-Fogger. The speciality of this e-Fogger is that it uses water as a carrier instead of harmful diesel used in Thermal fogging. In spite of the usage of the water for fogging it is effective as the Thermal fogging.

The Kinetic Safar which is an electric three-wheeler operated with a battery is used for the spraying and fogging operation.

These disinfecting vehicles can easily travel even in any congested areas or small lanes of slums or congested city areas which cannot be covered by the large vehicles. It gives relax to the disinfecting on foot and it has also saved a lot of time.

These electric vehicles help to curb the spread of the pandemic without creating pollution of noise, vibration or air. Now if you are thinking about its cost, it is just costing only 50 paisa/km.

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