July 12, 2024

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Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter unveiled, launch in Aug 2019

Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter

With the launch of India’s first electric bike yesterday, here is another good news from another company, Yamaha. Yamaha revealed its electric scooter Yamaha EC-05 in Taiwan and will launch in August 2019.

Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter unveiled, launch in Aug 2019

The upcoming electric scooter of Yamaha has been developed with the partnership of Taiwanese brand ‘Gogoro’. The electric scooter is designed by the Yamaha Japan and the powertrain is manufactured by Gogoro.

Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter

Its main feature is that its battery is swappable, the swapping technology which helps to save your time to charge an EV. This EV will be available in the Taiwanese market by August 2019.


Gogoro is a venture-backed company that develops and sells electric scooters and battery swapping infrastructure founded in 2011 by Horace Luke and Matt Taylor.

It is an electric two-wheeler manufacturer of Taiwan. It also installed a charging network in the country. The owners of Yamaha’s electric scooter EC-05 can charge their vehicles at these stations or swap their batteries on rent.

The Japanese company hasn’t shared much information on the technical details of the electric scooter’s motor and batteries.

Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter features

Some of the features of this electric scooter are mentioned that it has and a matte-blue paint, digital instrument cluster, alloy wheels, disc brakes and LED lightings. It also expected to have a sensor which activates through the electric scooter’s key-fob.

Yamaha EC-05 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter is designed for the young generation for the city commutes. The front exterior design of an EV looks futuristic and fresh.

22Kymco’s iFlow electric scooter

As of now, Yamaha has not disclosed the launch plans in the Indian market. While there are many manufacturers launching their two-wheelers in the Indian market such as 22Kymco recently launched its electric scooter iFlow which also features the battery swapping technology.

Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle

Yesterday launched electric two-wheeler, Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle also has a swappable battery technology.

Swappable battery technology

Swappable battery technology helps the manufacturer to increase the distance range of its products, there must b enough charging infrastructure in the country so that more EVs are used.

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