May 27, 2020

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Xiaomi low-cost electric scooters-70mai A1 and A1 Pro

Xiaomi low-cost electric scooters

Xiaomi low-cost electric

scooters-70mai A1 and A1


Xiaomi is well popular for its smartphones, the Xiaomi also deployed several other products including electronics appliances, accessories for home and also the eco-mobility such as HiMo T1 and HiMo H1.

The Chinese manufacturer launched its newest electric mopeds by collaborating with well known another Chinese company, 70mai.

Xiaomi low-cost electric scooters

The newly launched mopeds are named as 70mai A1 and A1 Pro. These mopeds weight 52 kgs each and are equipped with a small 16 inch wheels.

These mopeds are best suitable for one person and if we talk about its appearances its quite cute, modern classic style and boxy.

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let us now see their technical terms, the A1 model is equipped with an electric motor fixed in the rear wheel hub with a 768Wh lithium-ion battery. It gives a range of 60 km while the A1 Pro can provide a range of 70 km as it has a powerful battery 960 Wh. It has got a removable battery that can be charged by removing the battery from the vehicle.

It has hydraulic disc brakes and its top speed is close to 15.5 mph (25 km/h). In Both the mopeds, the A1 Pro is technologically advanced. It is equipped with a 6.8-inch coloured touchscreen and a 1080p dashcam, 130-degree wide-angle lens which captures the videos during a trip.

Xiaomi low-cost electric scooters
Xiaomi low-cost electric scooters

The cockpit is also having GPS, which helps the riders to guide particular destinations.

Now, at last, let us see their price, A1 is priced at Rs 31,800 approximately and for A1 Pro its Rs 42,400. 

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