July 19, 2024

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World’s Largest Integrated E-cycle Gigafactory Shows Rapid Progress

World’s Largest Integrated E-cycle Gigafactory Shows Rapid Progress

Pune, India- 20th June 2024 EMotorad, India’s leading electric cycle manufacturer backed by cricket legend MS Dhoni, announces significant progress in constructing the world’s largest integrated e-cycle gigafactory. The company is on track just four weeks after the announcement, with commissioning set to begin shortly, followed by full-scale operations.

The gigafactory’s phase 1 spans 2,40,000 square feet and is strategically designed to meet the increasing global demand for sustainable, high-performance electric cycles. They will integrate all aspects of production, from design and manufacturing to assembly and quality control, ensuring high standards of efficiency and product excellence.

A month ago, the site was a plot of land. The roofing is now complete, signalling the pace at which the construction is moving forward. This swift progress shows their commitment to meeting the needs of a growing global market for electric mobility solutions.

Rajib Gagopadhyay, Managing Director and Founder of EMotorad, highlighted the company’s dedication to speed and efficiency in a statement: “One thing integral to our DNA is the speed of work. The ever-growing and rapidly changing demand worldwide has pushed us to try and start operations for phase 1 at a record speed. Our team’s hard work and commitment are driving this project forward, and we are excited about the positive impact this gigafactory will have on the e-cycle industry and the environment.”

In addition to the physical progress, EMotorad is making strides in its workforce development and community engagement efforts. The company plans to create hundreds of new jobs, providing training and opportunities for local workers to participate in the booming electric vehicle industry. This initiative supports economic growth and fosters a skilled workforce that will drive innovation and excellence in electric cycle manufacturing.

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