February 23, 2020

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Wiener Linien Electric Bus Specifications

wiener linien electric bus

Wiener Linien is a company in Austria which runs most of the public transit network in the city of Vienna. Wiener Linien Electric Bus has launched in Vienna on 2012. In order to control the pollution in Austria, Wiener Linien company has taken the initiation to control pollution by launching electric buses.

wiener linien electric bus specs

Wiener Linien company has launched 12 electric buses in Austria with the collaboration of Siemens manufacturing company.

Wiener Linien Electric Bus specifications

  • Top speed of 62 km/h
  • Total weight 12,000 kg
  • Tare weight 8,500 kg
  • Three-phase asynchronous Motor 85 / 150 kW
  • LengthxWidthxHeight 7,720 / 2,200 / 3,200 mm
  • Passenger capacity 40 + 1
  • Wheelbase 3,675 mm
  • Lithium-ferrite (LiFe) Batteries
  • Battery capacity 96 kWh
  • Air conditioning
  • Regenerative Braking system
  • Charging time 6~8 minutes per cycle

Advantages of Wiener Linien Electric Bus

  • First fully electric bus
  • Low-noise, no smell
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Zero emission of CO2.

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