October 22, 2020

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Vladimir Putin’s new electric motorcycle ‘Aurus’

Vladimir Putin's new electric motorcycle

Vladimir Putin’s new electric motorcycle ‘Aurus’

Vladimir Putin’s new electric motorcycle, the Aurus electric motorcycle designed as an escorted motorcycle for motorcades.

Vladimir Putin's new electric motorcycle

Vladimir Putin’s new electric motorcycle

Putin has been focusing on Russia government’s vehicles to be modernised using new Russia-built designs. The Aurus line of vehicles includes a new limousine, van and armoured SUV and in this, the only battery-powered vehicle is the Aurus electric motorcycle.

The Aurus electric motorcycle features a tall adjustable windscreen, front fairing and rear side panniers. It also has a common rear monoshock along with a much-less common front monoshock which replaces a traditional suspension fork. The specifications of this bike are not much revealed but we can assume that the motorcycle will give a top speed of 240 km/h (150 mph) and features a feature a 112 kW (150 hp) electric motor.

The Aurus electric motorcycle is currently expected to launch in 2022. We need to wait for a little longer to know complete specifications of this new Russian electric motorcycle.

Yamaha unveils full suspension electric bike

Recently, Yamaha, popular all over the world as two-wheeler manufacturer has finally unveiled its new Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike line. The Yamaha’s new models include the mid-drive e-bike motor and brand new frame design.

The Yamaha’s first full suspension e-bikes such as YDX-Moro and Moro Pro features the world’s first bicycle with split top and down tubes. It also has an angle sensor to allow next-level automatic riding. The Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike line shows off Yamaha’s new patent-pending dual-twin frame design. The split frame allows Yamaha to run the rear shock almost parallel to the top frame tube and that in turns lets the YDX Moro work a very compact frame which makes the seat height adjustable for short riders.

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