June 13, 2021

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Yamaha unveils full suspension electric bike 


Yamaha unveils full suspension electric bike 

Yamaha is very popular all over the world as a two-wheeler manufacturer. It has finally unveiled its new Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike line. The Yamaha’s new models include the mid-drive e-bike motor and brand new frame design. The Yamaha’s first full suspension e-bikes such as YDX-Moro and Moro Pro features the world’s first bicycle with split top and down tubes. It also has an angle sensor to allow next-level automatic riding.

Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike

The Yamaha YDX MORO electric mountain bike line shows off Yamaha’s new patent-pending dual-twin frame design. The split frame allows Yamaha to run the rear shock almost parallel to the top frame tube and that in turns lets the YDX Moro work a very compact frame which makes the seat height adjustable for short riders.


Now looking into its technical terms, the motor is a 500-watt PW-X2 of Yamaha’s own design and features sensors for pedal-torque, rolling speed, cadence and pitch angle. The bike can be easily worked out when you are riding up or down a hill, and adjust its assistance level accordingly. It has a 500 Wh battery and protects it in a cage-like structure. The battery can be removed and can be quickly swapped.

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Yamaha PW-X2 electric mountain bike 

Yamaha partnered with Rockshox for suspension, with different levels of specifications. The new electric mountain bikes feature Yamaha’s latest mid-drive motor. The PW-X2 mid-drive motor system uses a unique quad-sensor setup that can detect pedal speed, pedal-torque, bike speed, and incline angle to more precisely calculate the required pedal-assist output.


The PW-X2 also features an automatic mode. It can intelligently shit between the riding modes such as Eco, Standard, and High mode. The motor also has a new EXPW mode that adds assist up to a pedal cadence of 170 RPM. The other details of the bike are not revealed yet but the bike will be a Class 1 model with assist up to 20 mph (32 km/h).

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