June 13, 2024

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Visaka forays solar-powered EV charging station business 

Solar-powered EV charging station

Visaka forays solar-powered EV charging station business 

Visaka Industries a Telangana based Atum integrated solar roof maker has announced its foray into the self-sustaining solar-powered electric vehicles charging stations business. Solar-powered EV charging stations will be installed by the company under the ATUMCharge brand to help in the adoption of electric vehicles all over the world.

Solar-powered EV charging station

The Atum solar-powered EV charging stations unique fact is that it can produce 40% more clean power for the same given space than any other solar solutions. Atum roof allows the whole electric vehicle to charge to 100% solar which is clean and green power.

In another initiative to develop EV charging infrastructure, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has launched a solar-based electrification programme for rural households in the state. This project will bring electricity through renewable energy to areas in Goa where there is no network for grid connectivity. 

“With a focus on delivering clean, affordable, and reliable energy to all, Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, inaugurated a solar-based electrification programme for remote rural households in Goa,” a CESL Statement said.

Recently, Tesla has revealed its plans for a retractable solar bed cover on its Cybertruck electric pickup truck in a patent application. The new electric pickup will have a solar roof option that offers a range of 15 miles per day.

India’s first solar electric ferry

Aditya is the first solar electric ferry from India and it was built by Navalt Solar and Electric Boats. The boat manufacturer is from Kerala and its initial operation is in Kerala State Water Transport Department. This ferry is the first commercially viable mode of transport powered by solar energy in India and the world.

The State Water Transport Department of Kerala operates about 100 ferry boats of different sizes from 75 to 100 passengers all over the state. These boats all single-hull boats, either made of wood or steel and powered by a diesel engine.

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