April 11, 2024

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Tesla reveals its Cybertruck retractable solar bed cover in patent application

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla reveals its Cybertruck retractable solar bed cover in patent application

It has been revealed that Tesla plans for a retractable solar bed cover on its Cybertruck electric pickup truck in a patent application.
The new electric pickup will have a solar roof option that offers a range of 15 miles per day.

Tesla Cybertruck

In 2017, Musk has pushed the Tesla engineers to also focus on integrating solar cells on Model 3. The solar cell efficiency has improved and Tesla has developed its own expertise in embedding solar cells through the development of solar roof tiles.
Tesla describes the system in the patent application:

“A truck bed cover integrated into a vehicle (e.g., a truck), configured to move through an opening formed between a cab and a truck bed, and along with a set of channels on the truck bed. The vehicle includes a motor engaged with the truck bed cover and configured to enable an automated movement of the truck bed cover along with the set of channels. The vehicle in one embodiment is an electric truck configured to run off a battery pack stored within the electric truck. The truck bed cover includes a plurality of movable portions, the plurality of movable portions linked together in a flexible format.”

Tesla also explains that it can embed solar cells in the tonneau cover, “In one embodiment, the tonneau cover comprises solar electric cells that are electrically connected to a photovoltaic charging system and battery. In one embodiment, the battery is the vehicle battery that powers the vehicle, which in one embodiment may be an electric truck. When the tonneau cover is deployed to cover the bed and the solar electric cells that make up the slats are facing the sun, the battery within the electric vehicle can be charged by the solar electric cells.”

Recently there was an update regarding Tesla Cybertruck will turn into an electric military vehicle as the military is been talking about including electric vehicles in their fleet. As we all are aware of it is said as an “armoured personnel carrier from the future.”

A rendering artist decided to explore how a Cybertruck would look like as an electric Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. The military is developing a plan to make use of EVs for remote missions and referred to Tesla as capable larger EVs.

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