May 28, 2024

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User Review-Tesla’s new Supercharger V3

Tesla's new Supercharger V3

Tesla’s new Supercharger V3 adding 100 miles of range in 7 mins. Tesla’s charging stations are open to the public for the Model 3 owners.

Tesla’s new Supercharger V3 

It can power up the Model 3 to up to 250 kW and up to 200 k Won the latest Tesla’s Model S and Model X vehicles.

It got an upgradation of from the previous 120 kW max charge rate which saves the time. Tesla is popularly known for its top charge rate capability of its vehicles. As the charging is an important element in an electric vehicle.

The power of the new stations ramped up quickly and its charging speed is 1,722 kilometers (1,070 miles per hour).

Tesla's new Supercharger V3

The power of the new stations ramped up quickly and its charging speed is 1,722 kilometers (1,070 miles per hour). These new superchargers are thinner, glycol/liquid cooled cable. The new technology has the capacity to increase the long-distance trips for Tesla owners but it should be installed widely to achieve the distance.

The new charging stations are at Fremont factory station and a few stalls at the Hawthorne Supercharger station have upgraded to new V3 charging technology. Tesla Model 3 is the first electric car that charges up to 250 kW with the V3 Superchargers.

User Review 

One of the owners of Tesla Model 3 said that the charge (SOC) increased from 9% to 90% in just 35 minutes. The charger power used was 255 kW.

“It quickly jumped to 255kW just seconds with plugged in. Stayed for 15% and tamper kicked in. after just 4 minutes and SoC reached 23%, the power reduced to 177kW. Then goes down like last time.”

Here’s the more detailed outcome

  • 9% – 23% in just 4 minutes (average 11 miles/minute or 651 mph)
  • 9% – 50% = 12 minutes (average of 10.6 miles/minute or 636 mph)
  • 9% – 60% = 15 minutes (average of 10.5 miles/minute or 632 mph)
  • 9% – 70% = 19 minutes (average of 10 miles/minute or 600 mph)
  • 9% – 80% = 25 minutes (average of 8.8 miles/minute or 528 mph)
  • 9% – 90% = 35 minutes (average of 7.2 miles/minute or 430 mph)


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