April 13, 2024

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Govt efforts to bring in EVs in India

Govt efforts to bring in EVs in India

Vehicular pollution is a huge concern in India which leads to the adoption of electric vehicles at least 30% by 2025. Here are the Govt efforts to bring in EVs in India.

As India is the fourth largest automotive industry in the world and will become third largest by 2021 according to the reports of IHS (Information Handling Services). The larger the fleet the huge amounts of pollution in the country.

Govt efforts to bring in EVs in India

Vehicular pollution counts for 28 percent to the country’s particulate pollution. The emissions from the vehicles such as Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, and Sulphur Oxides, etc pollutes the atmosphere very badly.

If you look at India’s list, 15 out of 20 most polluted cities in the world are from India as per the Air quality report 2018. To bring out the solution for this problem electric vehicles (EVs) emerged as more eco-friendly mobility which is powered by the battery and is emission free.

NITI (National Institute for Transforming India) Aayog

In regard, the government of India its think tank NITI (National Institute for Transforming India) Aayog is promoting and encouraging the use of EVs in the country. It is taking many initiatives to push the adoption of EVs.

To boost electric vehicles (EVs)

To boost the EVs, the Government announced to waive off registration charges for new EVs. It has also proposed for waiving off the road tax for EVs, if it is approved then the cost of the electric vehicle for the owners will be at least 6% cheaper.

Recently, the government announced the green number plates for the electric vehicles, it will have white fonts for private electric vehicles and yellow for taxis to make EVs stand apart from other ICE engine vehicles. This way the government wants to promote the use of EVs.

It is doing every possible thing to make India a cleaner and a greener place to survive.
It recently had announced the conventional two-and three-wheeler makers to transform their ICE engine vehicles to electric. For three-wheelers by 2023 and for two-wheelers by 2025.

The automakers didn’t like the decision taken by the think tank Niti Aayog. It has asked the SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers)to give the roadmap for the conventional vehicles within two weeks, but later on, when the leading automakers opposed the proposal it may extend the date.

As the SIAM said that the aggressive roadmaps will hurt the industry commercially and will petition the government through their lobby group Service Integration and Management (SIAM).

Government is supporting and promoting the EVs by providing subsidies under its FAME Scheme. The scheme has completed its first phase and now is in its second phase.

Under its FAME scheme’s first phase, it has sanctioned 46 buses for the cities and states and its FAME Scheme’s second phase will completely support to electrify public & shared transportation through providing incentives to 7,000 e-buses, 5 lakh electric three-wheelers, 55,000 electric four-wheeler passengers cars and 10 lakh electric two-wheelers.

It has set up many charging stations and government announced many initiatives such as setting up EV charging stations, loans to buy electric cars and e-rickshaws and e-autos.
It reduced the subsidy

To subsidize million electric two-wheelers. it will impose a tax on two-wheelers of Rs 800-1000 on Petrol powered two-wheelers to subsidies millions of electric two-wheelers on road in upcoming 2-3 years.

There are many such initiatives that the government is taking to promote EVs in the country. Hope these efforts of the government will let us breathe the fresh air and enjoy the fresh air from nature, without having any health issues. However, it is also saving our money on that costly fuels. 

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