March 24, 2023

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Uniti One 2 Seat Mini Electric Car

Mini Electric Car

Uniti One is a Lightweight mini Electric Car
Uniti is the electric vehicle manufacturer

Mini Electric Car
The future of mobility in cities will be electric

-Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti

About Uniti One Electric Car

Uniti one is a unique electric vehicle optimized for energy and driving performance, safety, and manufacturing scalability.

Mini Electric Car
Mini Electric Car- Uniti one

Features of Uniti One Mini Electric Car

  • Advanced transportation infrastructure with cloud access
  • Innovative cockpit design
  • Modern safety to avoid crashes before they happen

Uniti One Mini Electric Car Specifications

  • Top speed of 130kmph
  • A maximum range of 150-300km
  • Acceleration of 0-80km in less than 4seconds
  • 450kg dry weight
  • 15-24 kWh Li-ion battery

uniti one mini electric car

Reserve Uniti one

You can Reserve Uniti One with a 100% refundable deposit of 149€.

uniti one mini electric car 1uniti one mini electric car 1

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  1. steve c

    how can anyone leave a deposit on a car that has no price listed? refundable or not, it would be nice to know the cost of the vehicle, especially as it is so modern-looking. appreciate any updated info, thanks.

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