April 08, 2021

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UK to recycle rare earth metals for EVs-Establishing new plant


UK to recycle rare earth metals for EVs establishing new plant

UK (United Kingdom) has announced a new recycling plant to produce economy from the magnets and rare metals which can be used for electric vehicles and renewable technology. The rare earth magnets are important elements that can be used in thousands of products such as from loudspeakers to computer hard drives to wind turbines to electric vehicles.

The University of Birmingham has received £4.3m from UKRI (UK Research and Innovation-Non departmental public body of the Government of UK) to establish the plant which will be at Tyseley Energy Park, a research and development facility that delivers clean energy innovation.

According to Air quality, this plant will be able to recycle materials from various magnet including waste streams which includes electric vehicles, audio products and hard disk drives. China has large reserves of these materials and in recent years the market has been dominated by China.

The recycling process is said to complete the UK based supply chain for sintered magnets that can enable the UK to develop an economy from high-performance motors and magnets will make a contribution to the UK’s net-zero targets on carbon emissions.

Professor Allan Walton, co-director of the Birmingham Centre for Strategic Elements and Critical Materials, project lead said ‘This is a huge opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in high-performance magnet recycling,’

‘With the expansion of the electric vehicle market, our reliance on these components is going to increase rapidly. Establishing an end to end supply chain will ensure we can not only properly exploit these new technologies, but it will also secure an indigenous supply of these materials whilst significantly reducing the environmental burden of production.’

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