March 02, 2024

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Tunwal Sport 63 Specifications, Review and Price

Tunwal Sport 63

Tunwal Sport 63 Electric Scooter is the latest electric vehicle from Tunwal company. The electric vehicle comes under the two-wheeler category. The best performance at the cheapest price. Digital speedometer, tubeless tire, etc are some of its features.

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 Electric Scooter Review

Specifications of Tunwal 63- 60V  Electric Scooter

  • Maximum range is 100 km
  • Top Speed is 25 km
  • Charging Time is 3-4 hours (Li-Ion)
  • Charging Time is 6-7 hours (Lead Acid)
  • Engine Power- 0.30 bhp

Price and Launch Date Of EV

The expected price of the EV is

  • Mini Tunwal 63 price- Rs.36,000
  • Tunwal Sport 63-medium- Rs 49,600
    Already Launched in India

EV image

Tunwal Sport 63
Tunwal Sport 63

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  1. Ankit

    According to Tunwal website, each of their vehicles have multiple variants (Lead acid battery, Li Ion battery, 2 AH size within these category- so 4 variants against each model). Above specification is way too narrow, doesnt include all variants. Please update if you really want to be a good website for Electric vehicles.

    Same problem is there throughout this website. Just saw the monthly pricelist of EVs, that too is worthless in the current form!

    Best Regards

    1. Krishna Chaitanya Mandela

      Thank you for the feedback, some price details may not be accurate due to the dealers in different places. Hope you understand.

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