June 24, 2024

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Tata Starbus Hybrid Electric Bus

Tata Starbus Hybrid Electric Bus

The all new Tata Starbus Hybrid Electric Bus is a boom to the new age urban transportation that provides a clean and green environment. Fuel efficiency, superior and smart technology, comfort and accessibility to both driver and passengers, ensure safety. It is designed in Tata Motors plant Pune, module is made in Lucknow and body is manufactured in ACGL Goa.

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Tata Starbus Hybrid Electric Bus

Primary components Of Intelligent Transport System are

On Bus intelligent transport system, passenger information system at bus stops and mobile apps and as well as their command centers and a unit that controls its activities.

On Bus intelligent transport system features

  • Emergency Voice Calling
  • Geofencing Alert
  • IMA/Video Transfer using GPRS Network
  • In-Vehicle Passenger Information System
  • Live surveillance

If you look at the bus, at the front or when you enter the bus you have access to the information and for the drivers as well. It offers GPS connectivity ensuring precise navigation. The bus is also aligned with an effective passenger information system as the bus stops and as well as on mobile applications providing the detail information about the trips, route selection, availability of seats, Schedule & ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival) display, Service feedback.

Passenger Information system

At bus stops, it displays real-time information such as

  • Schedule
  • Destination
  • Bus Number
  • EST.Departure

Tata Starbus with technological superiority it also facilitates in the comfort with its low floor height of 400 mm in 80% of the floor area. The bus comes under the unique and luxurious category.

It Offers Features-TV screen, FM, Mobile charging point, Wifi Accessibility

Wide features such as wide outswing doors, Armrest, LED Lights, TV screen, FM Radio,  air-conditioned, Wifi Accessibility, Radio, Mobile charging point, TV screen, FM Radio, Wide gangway making more comfortable and facilitating to the passengers.

It also gives comfort to the drivers as it is Gearless and Clutchless which helps and makes less fatigue to the driver. It comes with a single control unit for the driver that can be accessed by using tips of the fingers just like using a mobile phone.

Qualified Under The FAME Policy

It has qualified under the FAME (Faster Adoption & Manufacturing Of Hybrid & Electric) policy in India which meets the urban bus specification II premium category. 28.24% Fuel saving certified by ARAI.

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