June 10, 2023

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Tritium Partners with Loop EV Charging Network to Expand DC Fast Charging Infrastructure

Tritium Partners Loop EV Charging Network

Tritium Partners with Loop EV Charging Network to Expand DC Fast Charging Infrastructure

Tritium, a global leader in direct current (DC) fast charging hardware and software, has announced that it has collaborated agreement with EV charging network operator Loop. The partnership involves the recent installation of Tritium DC fast chargers in Los Angeles to meet the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Read further in detail about Tritium Partners Loop EV Charging Network. 

Tritium looks to expand its partnership with Loop to Arizona, New York, and New Jersey, along with further installations in California. “Tritium’s industry-leading DC fast-charging solutions allow us to serve our customers better as we continue the expansion of Loop’s rapidly growing EV charging network,” said Dustin Cavanaugh, CEO at Loop. “We recognize the important role DC fast charging plays in widespread EV adoption, and we could not be more excited to combine forces with Tritium to drive adoption of this technology across the U.S.”

Tritium’s partnership with Loop as the demand increases for faster EV charging options across the U.S.Los Angeles has experienced high growth in EV adoption and remains underserved for the availability of fast charging infrastructure.

“As the world shifts toward electric vehicles, it is critical for drivers to have access to convenient charging solutions,” said Mike Calise, President of the Americas at Tritium. “We are excited to bring Tritium’s advanced technology to more Californians and to make the ease and reliability of DC fast charging available to customers where they live and work. We believe the partnership with Loop is a great way to get our DC fast-charging technologies to drivers, where they are needed, as quickly as possible.”

Tritium selected US Army Power Transfer Cohort to shift to EVs

A global leader in DC fast charging technology Tritium has made an announcement that it had been selected to participate in the Power Transfer Cohort. It is powered by the Army Applications Laboratory (AAL) in collaboration with Alion Science and Technology. It is focused on advancing the solutions that will support remote access, fast charging and scalable infrastructure to help the army to shift to electric vehicles.

This company is the only DC fast charging provider that has been selected. The companies will work directly with the NGCV (Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Cross-Functional Team) and the Ground Vehicle Systems Centre (GVSC).

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