June 08, 2023

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Toroid RUDRA 2.0 Electric Bicycle with 100km range

According to the survey, the youngsters and aged people were showing interest in electric cycles because its a low maintenance cost and is eco-friendly and well used for fitness activity.
In search of many Electric bicycles, we found the most powerful and most exciting Electric bycle for you which is Rudra 2.0 which was manufactured by Toroid company.

Rudra Electric cycle came up with a range of 100 Km with a single charge.

Rudra 2.0

Features of Toroid Rudra 2.0 Electric cycle.

Design and capacity.

Rudra Electric cycle is designed with 3 different colors red, black, and Teal green. Rudra is made with a strong metal which were mostly used in car making and e-bikes

and the E-cycle is slightly weighted approximately 25 Kg’s and with a carrying capacity of 125 kg, tested in real-time (that means 125 kg’s person can easily drive in the mountain and normal area).


Rudra Electric cycle moves with 250w BLDC rear hub motor and it’s 36v motor that generates up to 36nm torque and top of these E-cycle is 25 kmph without pedal assistance, with pedal assistance you can near reach up to 45 kmph.

rudra 2.0

Battery design and charging time:

Rudra Electric cycles is designed with a massive 20Ah of portable Lithium-ion battery pack and there are 3 option 10 Ah, 15 Ah and 20 Ah.
you will get a 5Amp charger with the 20Ah battery charging time for these E-cycle is 4 to 5 hours with 3 different charging types the company will provide a 2Amp standard charger and that takes 3 hours to charge fully. Once the battery gets charged then per charge as per battery capacity, the bike is able to go up to

25-30km on Throttle Mode (with 10Ah Battery)
45-50km on PAS Mode (with 10Ah Battery)

40-45km on Throttle Mode (with 15Ah Battery)
60-70km on PAS Mode (with 15Ah Battery)

60-70km on Throttle Mode (with 20Ah Battery)
90-100km on PAS Mode (with 20Ah Battery)

And well as company is giving 1 year warranty on Rudra 2.0.

rudra 2.0

Driving Gears and wheels:

As the company says there are two driving modes single speed and 7 speed. Rudra has 26″ wheels combined with double-walled alloy rims. There are 2.35″ MTB tires by Generic that perform well on most terrains. Well for a smoother riding experience, it comes with an 80mm front fork suspension. The bike also has a seat post-spring to absorb the rear jerks, but sadly it doesn’t perform well as claimed.

rudra 2.0

Price range:

Price range works in 3 different variants.

single speed electric cycle 10Ah model: ₹43,000
single speed electric cycle 15Ah model: ₹48,000
single speed electric cycle 20Ah model: ₹53,000

7 speed 10Ah Model: ₹45,000
7 speed 15Ah Model: ₹50,000
7 speed 20Ah Model: ₹55,000

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