May 27, 2024

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Thor ET ONE-482km Range Electric Truck

thor et one electric truck

Thor ET one is a fully electric truck capable to haul 80,000 pounds. It is highly helpful for huge cargo shifting. Maintainance cost of this truck is almost negligible as it runs fully electric, no gasoline required. The electric truck is designed for maximum uptime and low-cost repairs.

Thor ET-ONE Powertrain

Thor Et-one is a high power vehicle with thor powertrain range from 300-700hp, which can run smooth. The electric power gives the vehicle its unique driving characteristics.

thor et one electric truck


Thor’s battery pack is specially designed to handle heavy-duty applications,lithium-ion cylindrical cells are used in the battery.New technology is used in the battery to offer rapid-charging and even longer ranges.

Thor ET One features

  • 60% cheaper maintenance cost per mile
  • 70% cheaper fuel cost per mile
  • 100% free from emissions compliance.
  • The maximum range of 300 miles
  • Exempt from air quality regulations.

thor et one electric truck

Thor ET One Safety

Regenerative braking system and onboard safety systems are built in the ET-one for safe driving.

thor et one electric truck
Thor et one

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