May 17, 2024

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The World’s First Luxury Electric SuperBike-LITO SORA

lito sora electric bike

LITO is the first motorcycle company to manufacture luxury electric bike, also works as a sports bike that combines electric motorization along with adjustable driving dynamics. The specialty of Lito Sora electric bike is each part of its body is hand-assembled by experts. The success of base model SORA leads a new path to Signature series, which is an upgrade to SORA.



The carbon fiber and aluminum chassis help to reduce weight which improves the mileage of Sora, Lito has developed a power management system with three control modes – performance, a normal and safe range which gives the bikers a pleasant experience in riding. In normal mode, it will perform as an ordinary bike, whereas in safe mode there will be restrictions on speed where the bike automatically slows down when going beyond the danger zone.

Specs of SORA :

  1. Top speed of 120 mph
  2. 0-60 mph in 4 seconds
  3. City Range of 200 km and highway Range 100 km
  4. Charge time of 3 hours.

GPS navigation and safe range system :

Sora comes with 5.7 Inches LCD multimedia screen unit, which displays speedometer, battery charge level and warning lights along with GPS and LITO’s application USB port. The advanced safe range system in Sora will let you use the integrated touchscreen GPS to map a location and tell you if you have the battery charge to get there. It will also switch modes to save electricity based on your riding style.


The base model price of SORA is $77,000 and the upgraded version SIGNATURE SERIES is $104,000.Deliveries are ranging from 15 – 60 days depending on options. Order requires $10,000 deposit.

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