June 13, 2024

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The Iconic Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter

The Iconic Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter

How many of you ridded a Scooter? Many of the new generation did not ride, I am pretty sure about it! 

Well, for all those who missed riding a scooter, here is a good news for them. Scooters are coming back in India, after a long time with the upcoming Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter. 

Lambretta Electric prototype Scooters

The Lambretta scooters manufactured by the Italian-Swiss scooter manufacturer. The plan will be revealed in the 15th Auto Expo by the manufacturer about the Lambretta Electric prototype. The Auto Expo, will be held in Greater Noida from 6th to 9th February 2020.

Size Similar to Vespa Elettrica

The lambretta size will be similar to Vespa Elettrica, which is also an electric two-wheeler. It is developed in Milan, Italy where the Vespa was developed.

The Iconic Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter
The Iconic Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter

Tied up with Lohia Auto and Bird Group

For the development of the company it has tied up with the Noida-based Lohia Auto and New Delhi headquartered Bird Group. The lambretta electric Prototype’s specifications need to be still released by the company.

Looks like a retro with an updated upmarket touch

It has indicated that the body of the scooter will be steel-based, tailor-made for Indian market. This vehicle will be more bigger in size comparing to its any other earlier scooters. It will look like a retro but with an upmarket feel which may lead with other vehicles.

Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter
Lambretta Electric prototype Scooter

Government pushing EVs in Indian Market

This news made the Indian Government to push the Electric Vehicles in the Indian market as earlier as possible. Many homegrown and international two-wheeler brands have already started working on battery operations of two-wheelers that can match with the requirements of India.

With the release of this scooter, hopefully the scooter revolution may start again with much advanced techniques, which will be also safe for the environment as it will release less emissions when compared to the other fuel based vehicles.

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