June 12, 2024

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Here is the Iran’s first Micro Electric Vehicle

Iran's micro Electric Vehicle

Here is the Iran’s first Micro Electric Vehicle. Do read further to know more about it. 

Iran’s first Micro Electric Vehicle

The Iran’s first micro electric vehicle is two-seat and battery powered Electric Vehicle known as “YOOZ.”
It was developed by the students at Qazvin Islamic Azad University. Its weight is 400 Kilograms and maximum speed is 80 km/h. On a single charge it can travel for 100 km.

400 units of quadricycle is produced

Rouhani, the President of Iran unveiled the car in 2017. The target is to produce 400 units of quadricycle.

Qazvin Azad University is a pioneer in modern sciences and technologies. Iranian students have been taken part in various international competitions.


weight- 400 kilograms

Max speed- 80km/h

charge capacity- single charge (100 km)

This Electric vehicle looks more attractive than the normal EVs as its differs in size which makes it unique.



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