April 11, 2024

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Concept EV Car-Fiat Centoventi, Reinvention Of Fiat’s Panda

Concept EV Car

For all the Panda lovers, Fiat has bought an EV for its consumers, a brand new Centoventi Concept EV Car. The EV showcased in the 2019 Geneva motor show. The car is a reinvention of the Fiat’s Panda.

Concept EV Car- The Fiat Centoventi

In Italian, the Centoventi means “one hundred and twenty” which gives meaning and reason for the car to the company’s 120th anniversary.

Concept EV Car
Concept EV Car

Fiat is an Italian Automobiles manufacturer, the Fiant panda has been made as the company’s recognition of 120th anniversary takes design cues from panda and other smaller fiats produced in the company. The firm says as “electromobility as only Fiat can.”

Concept EV Car Fiat Centoventi Offers 500Kms Range 

The Electric concept car is customized highly and is in updated form offering a single battery with a range of 100Km. The consumers have an option of adding three more extra batteries underfloor, one under the driver’s seat to obtain the range of 500Kms.

Concept EV Car
Concept EV Car

There will be no effect of batteries in terms of driving dynamics or car’s safety as it had been engineered.

The car has a dashboard with notches which can be used to keep the accessories purchased by the buyer separately.

Concept EV Car

Fiat Centoventi Have Different Types Of Seat Options

There are different seats available from full seats to baby seats and laptop tables. The smartphone or a tablet can be used as the digital display screen. Although the old digital dashboard is also an option.

Concept EV Car
Concept EV Car

Fiat is offering only one color. The Company CMO says,” You could say the model for this was the Model T. But it’s a Model T in an iPhone case.” 

Fiat Centoventi Can Be Customised With Different Roofs

The company offering the model with a range of colored roof, bumper and wheel options, bodywork wraps to customize the car as much as possible.

The vehicle’s roof is a buyer’s choice, they can choose from different options such as sunroof, soft-top or luggage rack, among other options.

Concept EV Car
Concept EV Car

The buyers can also select from the mobile fitters or second-hand, or 3D-printed parts if they want to do so, “the embodiment of what Fiat does best: less is more” says Francois about the car.

Though the Fiant Panda is not sold in the Indian Markets. Seeing as FCA has decided to pull the plug on Fiat in our market, giving Jeep its turn, it is unlikely that this model will arrive here any time soon.

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