April 11, 2024

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Tesla Roadster-The Quickest Car In the World

tesla roadster

Tesla Roadster has officially announced as the quickest electric car in the world. Tesla Roadster 2020 can grab a top speed of 0-96Km/h in just 1.9s. It is expected to launch in 2020 that’s why the name Tesla roadster 2020 came. It got an enormous range of 1000Km.

Tesla Roadster specs

tesla roadster specs

  • Lighting acceleration of 0-96Kmph in just 1.9 sec and 0-160Km in 4.2Sec
  • Top speed is 402Km/h
  • The blazing speed of Wheel torque 10000 Nm
  • A gigantic range of 1000Km
  • Comfortable seating capacity for 4 members
  • Drive lively with All-wheel Drive feature

Three Motors in Tesla Rodster

tesla roadster hd images

The interesting fact to know about the Roadster is the number of motors.3 motors are present in Tesla Roadster. The first motor controls the front wheels and the other two motors control the rear wheels at the back for an All-wheel Drive experience.

Tesla Roadster Design

tesla roadster roof
tesla rodster roof

This electric car has completely designed for future demand,620 miles of range is a nightmare for many EV manufacturers. However, Tesla showed its commitment to achieving a miracle by announcing 1000Km range.

A lightweight, removable Glass Roof stores in the trunk for an open-air, convertible driving experience.

Tesla Roadster Interior

tesla roadster
tesla rodster Interior

The interior of Tesla supercar has made with expensive synthetic material for aesthetic appearance for a comfortable journey of 4.

Tesla Electric Cars Record

tesla roadster

Almost half a dozen electric cars released by Tesla. Tesla Model 3 is the most popular electric car in the world with a search volume of 1.5 million. Model S from Tesla is the world’s longest-range electric car. Now Tesla breaking its old record by Roadster with an abstract range of 1000Km.

Tesla Roadster Price

Tesla Rodster Price is $200,000.If you want to book the car then you need to pay a downpayment of $50000.The price of Tesla Rodster in India is 1.34 Crores.

Really it’s an amazing car to watch out for 2020.


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