April 20, 2024

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Tesla Cybertruck Vs Rivian R1T electric pickup

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Rivian R1T (1)

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Rivian R1T electric pickup

A few days ago Tesla unveiled all-electric cybertruck at a Sci-Fi-style event in California. You would be able to drive in ranges from 250, 300 and 500 miles. We also have an off-road electric pickup truck, Rivian R1T from Rivian Automotive LLC. R1T was first introduced at the LA Auto Show. It gives a range of 400+ miles. Tesla’s Cybertruck will compete with the startup Rivian R1T. 

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Rivian R1T

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Rivian R1T Pickup trucks 

S.No Specifications Rivian R1T Tesla Cybertruck
1 Top speed 125 mph 130 mph
2 Range 400+ miles 250,300, 500 miles
3 Battery 105,135,180kWh 87.75 kWh
4 Torque 3,500 NM 1,356 NM
5 Acceleration 0-60 km in 3 secs 0-60 mph in 2.9 secs
6 Payload 800kg 1588kg
7 Towing capacity 5000kg 6350kg
8 Price $70,000 $69,900 (500 mile)
  • Tesla offers more range and capability in its top trim compared to Rivian R1T.
  • Tesla’s pickup is different and polarizing but Rivian’s is more subdued, traditional and more acceptable and looks like a pickup.
  • Cybertruck looks more like something a video game vehicle. But that’s how Tesla wanted to be unique.
  • Tesla’s pickup will compete to R1T and yes it is looking unique and impressive. 
  • It will also compete with pickup such as Bollinger B2, Ford F-150, GM electric truck, Lordstown Endurance in 2021. 

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