January 27, 2021

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Telangana EV policy 2020

Telangana EV policy 2020

Telangana EV policy 2020

The Telangana government has approved a new electric vehicle policy for the state to boost the adoption and promotion of electric vehicles in the State and to attract investments in the sectors. It focuses on local job opportunities with 1.2 lakh direct and 2.5 lakh indirect employment opportunities and encouraging electric vehicles production by providing incentives.

Telangana EV policy 2020, No road tax & registration fee!

Under this policy, there will be 100 per cent exemption on road tax and registration which will be provided to the first two lakh electric two-wheelers and first 5,000 electric commercial four-wheelers. The electric three-seater auto-rickshaws will also get 100 per cent exemptions of road tax and registration fee for the first 20,000 vehicles.
The Telangana government aims to develop the state into an EV manufacturing hub. The EV manufacturers and EV charging stations/swapping stations equipment will be eligible for 25%  per cent capital investment subsidy for the first 500 fast charging/swapping stations duty exemption on power tariff to public charging stations for 10 years and reimbursements up to 75% for private EV charging service providers and fast-charging equipment.
The Telangana has set a target of electric vehicles sales by 2025, 80% two- and three-wheelers which include motorcycles, scooters, autorickshaws, 70% commercial electric cars ride-hailing companies, such as Ola and Uber, 40% of electric buses, 30% of private cars and 15% of electrification of all vehicles. 
The State government plans to invest around Rs 1,425 crore towards incentives and provide 775 acres of land to EV manufacturers by promoting an EV hub.  
In Telangana, as of August 6th, the sales of electric vehicles has been increased by 23 per cent and 6,000 electric cars and 4,000 electric two-wheelers are plying in Telangana.
Recently, the Delhi government has also announced its EV policy in 2020. Under this policy, the electric cars will get a subsidy of 1.25 lakh and electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers get a subsidy of up to 30 thousand rupees based on the battery capacity.

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    It’s excellent policy to boost the electric vehicles manufacturing units and also useful to public by saving the environment and greenery and also saving the huge amounts for importing the crude from oil exporting countries. Thanks to CM KCR and his team.

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