May 28, 2024

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Tata Nexon electric ZConnect offers 35 new features

Tata Nexon electric ZConnect

Tata Nexon electric ZConnect offers 35 new


The Tata Nexon EV, one of the most awaited electric car to be launched in India in 2020. It is said to be a game-changer electric car as it is reliable and affordable to buy. Tata Motors introduced its app and connected car features called Zconnect. The Zconnect technology includes 35 advance connected car features that will give you great driving experience.

Tata Nexon electric ZConnect

This app is designed to meet the aspirations of contemporary and tech-savvy consumer. The ZConnect helps the Nexon EV users with its wonderful dedicated features such as remote monitoring of the current charge levels, available range, charging history, nearest charging stations and more.

Tata Nexon electric ZConnect


You can also access the remote lock/unlock, Remote lamp control & Remote horn activation. You can pre-cool the car with remote cooling function. It also includes finding my car, route navigation. The app lets you know where you have to stop for charging a battery, shares live location.

You can find nearest charging stations, nearest Tata Motors service station. To provide sufficient charging facilities to the customers, Tata Motors has also partnered with Tata Power to provide 300 car charging stations across the key metro cities in India.

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The app also provides the safety and security features such as sending out crash notifications, panic notifications, and an emergency SOS. If the car is stolen the user has an option to request the remote immobilization service through dedicated 24 hours call centre.

The users will receive multiple app notifications to your smartphone. The app can release more than 20 different instant alerts about critical vehicle health and safety parameters. The users can also set custom speed, Geo fence or time fence limits. The app will also help to track your driving behaviour ( sudden acceleration, harsh brakings, accidents etc).

The electric car will be equipped with a high voltage system and fast charging capability. The company is providing 8 years of warranty on the battery and motor. Tata Nexon expected to have a price of around Rs 15 lakh and Rs 17 lakh.

Ziptron EV Technology

The Ziptron EV technology comprises of an efficient permanent magnet AC motor which provides superior performance on demand and it will offer industry-best dust and waterproof battery system, meeting the IP67 standards. The newer technology will make use of regenerative braking to charge the battery while we are driving.

The Ziptron technology exhibits characteristics like efficient high voltage system, zippy performance, long-range, fast charging capability and battery with a warranty of eight years.

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