May 28, 2024

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T-log – Self Driving Electric Truck from Einride

T-log - Self Driving Electric Truck from Einride

Maintaining a truck is like dealing with a lot of money, need to pay to the truck driver, engine oil expenses and diesel expenses. T-log is the first autonomous driving electric truck. It is cost-effective and safe, capable of level 4 self-driving.

Autonomous Electric Truck

Even with the presence of a driver many accidents occurring, what about the safety without a driver? Well, the answer is simple, T log equipped with 360 degrees radars and lidars to detect the traffic.No blind spots and no dead angles, it is highly secured and safe autonomous electric vehicle.

T-log electric truck

T log is an all-electric, zero-noise,zero-emission electric vehicle, it is an eco-friendly and healthy electric truck.


Helps to detect an object’s location and speed with electromagnetic pulse


Helps to detect any object, regardless of its character with a laser beam.


To read lane markings and traffic signs.


T-log using NVIDIA DRIVE platform for its autonomous smarts.

T-log specifications

Top speed of 85km/h
Maximum range 200km
Battery capacity: 300 kWh
Carrying capacity 16 ton

T-log electric truck

T-log Price and launch date

There are no official details about the price and launch date of this electric vehicles. We can expect this electric vehicle on roads by 2020.

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