July 23, 2024

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This is not a Car – ENUU Electric Vehicle

This is not a Car - ENUU Electric Vehicle

ENUU is an electric vehicle more than a bike less than a car. It is used as a pickup vehicle in Switzerland roads, the first three rides are free. No license required to ride this electric vehicle. You can book your first ride from ENNU App in any smartphone.


About ENUU Electric Vehicle

Ennu is the World’s First Lightest Electric Vehicle, manufactured in Switzerland. “ENUU stands for New Efficiency”.

This EV is the best example of eco-friendly mobility. The top speed of this electric vehicle is 30km/h along with a range of 50km. There is a special team to charge this electric vehicle, passengers don’t need to worry about the charging stations.

ENUU Electric Vehicle Features

ENUU Electric Vehicle

Everyday first 3 rides are free

No driving license needed

Allowed to ride on bicycle land

Protected from bad weather

Place for luggage

Electric Vehicle Sharing Scheme

It is the first electric vehicle to use a sharing scheme. Any person with 18 years can book this electric vehicle and ride it for free for the first three rides. The target users of this electric vehicles are youngsters and older people i.e, ages between 18 to 60.

Charges for Paid Rides

Users need to pay 3 CHF for raid after utilizing their first 3 paid rides. If they want to book this vehicle for half an hour they need to pay 2 CHF.

On a final word, i would say this is a great step towards green mobility; commuters, business persons and older people can happily ride this electric vehicle.

This is not a Car - ENUU Electric Vehicle

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