September 18, 2021

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Swiggy partners Reliance BP Mobility for EV battery-swapping stations in India

Swiggy partners Reliance BP

Swiggy partners Reliance BP Mobility for EV battery-swapping stations in India

An Online food delivery platform Swiggy and Reliance BP Mobility Ltd (RBML) has partnered to build an ecosystem for electric vehicle battery-swapping stations across the country. Using electric vehicles for the delivery purpose is expected to lower the running cost of vehicles by up to 40 per cent. Know more about Swiggy partners Reliance BP.  

Swiggy has also partnered with Hero Lectro, a leading e-cycle manufacturer and Fast Dispatch Logistics a leading last-mile delivery player in the United Kingdom to provide end-to-end delivery of Swiggy orders through cargo e-cycles.

The trials are already running in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Hyderabad. Swiggy plans to cover deliveries spanning 8 lakh km every day through EVs by 2025.

Swiggy CEO Sriharsha Majety says that “As we continue to work towards providing our consumers with greater convenience, we are also mindful of the environmental impact of our operations and are taking the necessary steps to make our journey more sustainable.”

“Transitioning to EVs is an important step in this direction. It will have a positive impact not only on the environment but also empower our delivery partners to earn more,” he said.

RBML CEO Harish C Mehta said this parntership has the capability to bring disruption and increase EV adoption in the delivery and transportation segment in India.

Swiggy & Zomato to shift to 10% of delivery fleet to EVs in 2021

India’s biggest food delivery startups Swiggy and Zomato are cleaning up their actions by choosing electric vehicle rides over regular petrol diesel vehicles. This came as companies all over the world face heat issues over carbon emissions and climate change.

The startups plan to shift to at least 10% of their delivery fleets mostly two-wheelers to electric in 2021. They are in talks with electric scooters and bike aggregators such as Zypp, Spinny and eBikeGo.

Earlier they have planned to hit this goal by March due to COVID the plan has been delayed and will happen in mostly the second half o 2021. As the government’s push for the growth of electric vehicles and support infrastructure.

Revolt Motors partners Dominos for its delivery fleet

Recently, Revolt Motors and Domino’s have partnered to introduce the Revolt electric bikes in Domino’s delivery fleet. Through this partnership, Domino’s will obtain the entire existing inventory of Revolt RV300 electric bikes. Read further to know more about Revolt Motors partners Domino’s.

Revolt Motors has decided to put its electric bikes into the fleet of delivery vehicles after conducting a successful pilot project. RattanIndia Enterprises Business Chairman Anjali Rattan said that “Revolt is happy to join hands with Domino’s in this partnership which not only makes sense environmentally but also offers great cost savings for the company.”

The company believes that this parntership is just the beginning of the potential revolution to transform it into the massive delivery bike market in the coming years. The bikes are customised especially for food delivery purposes, Jubilant Foodworks which works as a fast-food chains Domino Pizza, for its business needs and it enables a zero-emission delivery experience Revolt Motors.

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