July 13, 2020

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Surge e-bike in February 2020

Surge e-bike in February 2020

eMote Electric Pvt Ltd is set to launch Surge e-bike in February 2020 at Auto Expo. Surge is a geared electric bike and the Pranav Singanapalli, founder and Chief Executive of eMote Electric, and winner of the Nasscom Design4India Award 2018, is claiming that Surge is India’s fastest e-bike.

Surge e-bike in February 2020

Pranav officially announced that the Surge will be launched at the Auto Expo 2020 at Greater Noida in February 2020. The e-bike is expected to hit the roads in the first half of 2020.



Regarding the features of the e-bike, Pranav said: “It can not only go toe-to-toe with petrol vehicles, but also surpass them in battery performance and speed, offer complete computer and smartphone integration and an entire ecosystem built around a fast-changing high-performance electric drive train. It has 70 liters of storage space, is fun to ride, has a reverse mechanism and a gear box.”

Surge e-bike in February 2020
Surge e-bike in February 2020

“It takes just about four seconds to pick up from 0 to 60 and the battery recharge time is 30 minutes. The first prototype of the vehicle was ready in 2015. It was then without a gearbox. The improvised model with a semi-automatic mechanical gear box has been a major leap from the earlier model. This vehicle was ready for rollout in August 2018. But we are planning to officially announce the commercial launch at Auto Expo 2020”, he revealed.


“We have a vehicle-level certification. We only need to do component-level certification before the launch,” he added.


eMote is under the process of building five or six e-bike prototypes. The company has set a target to sell 10,000 vehicles in the first year of launch. “We are not funded at present and this has put the break on a few things. Going forward, we will look for distributors and funds as we grow in size,” said Singanapalli.


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