April 15, 2024

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Start-ups at IIT-M focuses on EV Market

Start-ups at IIT-M focuses on EV Market

IIT Madras Start-ups focuses on Electric Vehicle Market

Electric Vehicles are all in the news currently. Its unique features eco-friendly, high speed and no noise attracting the customers globally. Unique features make Electric Vehicles different from other gasoline Vehicles as it creates very less amount of air and noise pollution.

Electric vehicle (EV) market is developing every day aiming to own plans of the automakers and Government initiatives too. IIT Madras Start-ups focusing on EV Market. Many great automobile companies are showing interest in the development of the electric vehicles and the start-ups at IIT Madras’s Incubation Cell (IITMIC).

This initiative has been taken to cut down the pollution producing by the fuel-based vehicles. The innovative start-ups will work on various aspects to develop the EV industry grow in the country. There are about six start-ups in IITMIC which will be working on various aspects of Vehicle such as a battery, mobility solutions, data analytics and more to help the EV sector to develop.

Start-up-Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt Ltd at IIT Madras’s Incubation Cell

Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt Ltd, a start-up founded by Puneet Jain and Nikhlesh Mishra are focusing mainly on battery management systems for lithium battery packs and also on electro-mechanical packaging of lithium battery packs. “Our aim is to provide low-cost and efficient battery solutions to the EV makers in our country,” said Puneet, the start-up has grabbed the attention of many major companies.

Start-up- Pi Beam Labs Private Limited at IIT Madras’s Incubation Cell

Another start-up Pi Beam Labs Private Limited manufacturing the various electric and solar run three-wheelers. “Our target is to provide an eco-friendly vehicle for the e-commerce industry through which they can do their product delivery work efficiently,” said Visakh Sasikumar, one of the founders of the company.

IIT Madras’s Incubation Cell providing all kind of needed help and support which encourages the start-ups.

Therefore start-ups are helpful for our country to grow more in the sector of Electric Vehicles.

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