June 13, 2024

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Silence S01-E-Scooter-Transportable Battery Like A Trolley

Silence S01-E-Scooter

Silence S01, an electric scooter with the performance as a 125cc. The unique thing about this scooter is that its battery is removable and transportable like a trolley. Silence S01-E-Scooter

The company produced 3000 scooters last year and now aiming to increase it to 7000 units. 

Silence S01-E-Scooter With Removable & Transportable Battery Like A Trolley

Silence Urban Ecomobility is a Spanish electric vehicle manufacturing company. The company is popularly known as the “SILENCE” for its two and three-wheeled electric vehicles.

Silence S01-E-Scooter

The company manufactured more than 3000 scooters, 2083 of which have been registered in Spain. It means almost 60% of the total market share of electric motorcycles sector.

It is manufacturing EVs particularly for corporates, municipalities and sharing fleets but for this year it has planned to go for Business to the consumer market with S01.

Features of Silence S01 E-Scooter

  • Revolutionary Fast and Easy battery-removable, portable and anti-theft
  • Unbound-recharge your battery in any regular plug
  • Convenient trolley system-that allows handy battery transportation
  • Cargo capacity to fit two full-face helmets
Silence S01-E-Scooter

Specifications Of Silence S01

  • Top Speed-UP TO 100 KM/H
  • Unbound Range-70 Km
  • Instant Power- From 0-50 km/h in 4,5s
  • Wheelbase-1.380 mm
  • Engine-4000W
  • Charger- Integrated with vehicle – 600W 

There are also other models of Silence such as So2 and So3. 


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