September 24, 2023

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Public charging will now be automatically cut off at 80% by Ather Energy

Public charging will now be automatically cut off at 80% by Ather Energy

Ather’s bold move towards better experiences


Ather Energy has announced charging time limits at all public charging stations (Ather Grid). A software notice states all Ather Grids need to charge their e-scooters to 80 degrees before turning them off. Let’s find out more about it and find out the reasoning behind this bold move by Ather.

Ather Energy recently announced that the company’s Ather Grids will soon be upgraded and 80% shut down. Ather Energy decided to take this step for several reasons, but the main one was to reduce overall waiting times. Charging times from 80 percent to 100 percent are slightly longer than 0 to 80 percent, leading to unnecessary waiting times at charging stations. This development will benefit many drivers, as owners do not use the full range daily in urban traffic. This gives users the most competitive rates, lower wait times for others, and fair usage for everyone.




This is simple news, but the CEO’s tweet made the same point. “As soon as the electromagnetic coil is removed, the charging process cannot proceed for safety reasons,” he said. Otherwise, you run the risk of arcing or other undesirable events.

Those who own electric scooters may have heard about solenoids and their importance in the charging process. Solenoids are significant electromechanical devices that control the flow of electricity to batteries. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and produce magnetic fields when current is passed through them.

However, disconnecting while the battery is charging poses a risk of arcing and other safety hazards. Therefore, it is imperative to complete the magnet cycle before removing it to avoid possible damage or injury due to a sudden interruption in the flow of electricity. When an electromagnet is charged, it actively draws electrical energy and creates a magnetic field.

Disconnecting the solenoid during charging can be dangerous as the flow of electrical energy is suddenly interrupted and an arc can occur. Solenoids are a vital safety feature when charging electric scooters. They control the flow of current to the battery and prevent dangerous and life-threatening electrical arcs.



An arc is a discharge of current that occurs when there is a gap in the circuit. It can cause flashes, heat, and even explosions, which can lead to severe burns, equipment damage, and even death. To avoid arcing, the magnet must complete its cycle before disconnecting. This ensures that the magnetic field dissipates and there is no risk of arcing.

Designed with safety in mind, the Ather electric scooter uses a technologically advanced lithium-ion battery for its battery. Due to their high energy density, these cells are widely used in battery-powered vehicles.

This move by Ather Energy is an excellent way to reduce overall wait times at public charging stations. This will increase the responsibility of EV owners, and support the EV industry in general. In addition, it will create a habit among owners to fully charge their electric scooters at home or office charging points. This greatly reduces the reliability of the Ather Grid. 


Watch the video to learn more about Ather Grid. 



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