February 23, 2024

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BGAUSS has launched a new e-scooter, the BGAUSS C12
BGAUSS has launched a new e-scooter, the BGAUSS C12

BGAUSS has launched a new e-scooter, the BGAUSS C12

BGAUSS C12 is an up-and-coming kid in the EV field

BGAUSS has launched its latest electric scooter, the BGAUSS C12. More trunk, more style, more range, and more driving comfort.

Say goodbye to waiting. Take your family to the next level with the stylish BG C12 electric scooter. From stylish designs to thoughtful features, electric scooters are designed to make your daily commute extra special. 


As we move forward, it seems that almost every other OEM is focusing on bringing innovations to the market. This shows that we care more about a better, cleaner environment. In recent years, we have seen many two- and four-wheeler manufacturers developing highly innovative electric vehicles.

The race to be the most successful in this market isn’t just limited to big and well-known brands. This may be a new name to you, but it must be the first time you have heard it.

BGAUSS is a company that develops and manufactures various electric appliances that are familiar to us, but now we are also entering the automobile industry. Today, March 13, 2023, BGAUSS launched the brand-new electric scooter BGAUSS C12. Before the launch of the D15, A2, and B8, BGAUSS had launched the D15, A2, and B8.

In addition to Yellow Techno, it is also available in Red Black, Pearl White, Foliage Green, Shiny Silver, and Matte Black.

Even though the C12 is available at an introductory price of Rs. 97,999, the actual price of the BGAUSS C12 is Rs. 1,04,999. With regards to EMI, you will have to pay Rs. 2,775 per month with a deposit of Rs. 9,999 to finance this vehicle.


The price of this electric scooter can be booked for a minimum amount of Rs. 499 at the time of booking. During today’s launch event, it was stated that their main focus is on ensuring safety, quality, and reliability to their customers. According to the BGAUSS statement, electric vehicles are the present, not the future, of transportation. 






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