October 27, 2021

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Power Global launches eZee swappable battery EVs in India 

Power Global swappable battery

Power Global launches eZee swappable battery EVs in India 

A Noida based Power Global is a leading high-performance clean energy and mobility product for everyday applications has launched its first eZee swappable battery in India. The swappable battery is designed for light vehicles including two and three-wheeler vehicles.

Power Global swappable battery

The company was Romeo Power’s co-founder and former SpaceX Porter Harris and international auto industry veteran Pankaj Dubey which aims to provide electric vehicle and clean energy products to global markets.

“We are on a mission to improve access to clean energy solutions in India and other emerging markets by sharing our collective years of expertise in bringing affordable battery technology to market,” said Pankaj Dubey, co-founder and CEO of Power Global’s India subsidiary,”

“While the eZeeTM will give light mobility vehicles new life, it also represents a path to help build local economies with direct and indirect job creation, while supporting evolving regional environmental goals, such as India’s FAME II mandates,” he added.

“The demand that we see in emerging markets is greater than those experienced by the United States, as millions of drivers are limited by options to affordably switch to electric mobility,” said Porter Harris, CEO, and founder of Power Global. “With our team’s breadth and depth of experience, there is a major opportunity to bring affordable, high-performance electric vehicle technology to these communities to serve new markets while helping these regions improve air quality and ultimately their quality of life.”

The Power Global introduces its first Retrofit kits to convert the petrol and diesel vehicles three-wheelers (auto-rickshaws) into electric vehicles.

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