June 23, 2024

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Ola’s Mission Electric:A Movement To Electrify Mobility In India

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Ola has launched its Mission Electric, a movement to electrify mobility in India.As the worlds fastest growing economy India is facing many of the risks in association with rapid urbanization private dealerships are skyrocketing in the last two decades leading to a huge increase in air pollution levels, condition and increase in dependence on fossil fuels.

Succesful Journey In Nagpur

In keeping with the government’s agenda to address this issue, Ola introduced India’s first multimodel electric vehicle ride-hailing program in Nagpur,2017.Ola EVs has covered over 4million km in Nagpur providing clean, safe and friendly mobility across the city.

Advantages of EVs

  • Easy to operate.
  • Less Maintainance.
  • Pollution Free.
  • Great Comfort Experience.

Ola’s Mission: Million EVs 2021

Ola declares that their production is clean and renewable and they are willing to work with any state government that wants to enable adoption and operation of EVs across their cities.Their mission is to manufacture 1 million EVs at the end of 2021.The Indian government supporting Electric  Vehicle manufacture companies by giving subsidy.


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