May 17, 2024

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NIO EVE :Autonomous Car Of The Future In 2020

The Chinese Start-up giant NIO has unveiled its new concept electric(EV) car NIO EVE.It completely runs under artificial intelligence console, which resembles the space shuttle car that we imagine.One of the dazzling features of this car is the glass roof delivers spectacular views of above, allowing passengers to gaze into the clear blue sky.

NIO EVE Exotic Features

Top speed of 160 miles per hour

Feal the road with autonomous driving experience.

Personal controller to adjust and interact with surroundings.

Transparent dashboard – gives an open feel to the cabin whilst displaying personalized content.

The lion feature for spectacular views of the sky.

Advanced Features Of EVE

The intelligence feature of EVE connectes network of vehicles and collectively sharing information to help in traffic issues. Unique NIO design features are communicated through the front free-floating NIO X-Bar, dynamic sculpted wheel arches, and the distinctive NIO tail lamp.

The surface across the side of the vehicle can transform from opaque to transparent in an instant, allowing occupants to shield away from the sun or see all the way to the horizon.Once EVE has been summoned remotely, it can be accessed through a single wide forward-sliding door.

Price Of NIO EVE

The expected launch of EVE transparent car is on 2020. The car cost about $1.2 million in the U.S.NIO’s vision car, showcases the future of autonomous driving and will seamlessly blend experiences at home, work and play.


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