May 28, 2024

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NITI Aayog CEO says India have game plans to drive EV


NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant said that India has a game plan for electric vehicles (EV) and its components like batteries to make Indian cities cleaner and greener by reducing vehicular pollution, to reduce imports and make use of solar energy. 

NITI Aayog CEO says India have game plans to drive EVs

They first want to work 80 percent of the components of two and three-wheelers and buses. The domestic manufacturing of batteries will reduce import burdens and creates a massive market opportunity and helps in adopting electric vehicles faster.

It is also benefited to the country to reduce the pollution levels, congestion, saves and secures energy security and creates huge job opportunities.

NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kanth says, 

“We have a game plan to drive electric vehicles, particularly two and three-wheelers, public transport and manufacturing of batteries in India. Our objective is that we should first work on about 80 percent of components of two and three-wheelers and buses and also push manufacturing of batteries in India,” Kant said.

“Our objective is to clean up cities, reduce imports, and utilize the sun and its energy for driving electric vehicles,” he said. “From the perspective of energy security and competitive advantage, new mobility solutions will reduce oil import costs, lower India’s trade deficit and limit our vulnerability to oil supply disruptions,” Kant said.

40% of the total cost of EV is of battery  

As the battery is the most expensive component which counts 40% of the total cost of EVs. The new battery technologies will help to develop the EVs by reducing the batteries cost.

He said, “New battery technologies like a solid-state lithium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery, and silicon-based batteries are underdeveloped. India needs to vigorously pursue research and development and have a clear road map for manufacturing on a mega scale.”

“India’s low per capita car ownership affords the chance to pursue a different model from the western world. Our emphasis must be shared, connected electric transportation,” he added. 

Chief Secretary J N Singh said Gujarat is poised to lead in the field of e-mobility. “Dholera is emerging as a very important township for this. A big company will announce an investment in Dholera in lithium-ion battery manufacturing for EVs…We plan to develop a 5,000-MW solar power plant, and 250 MW plant will be ready soon,” Singh said.

“We are in the last stage of discussion with Tata Chemicals for lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant. The battery is vital for e-vehicles and comprises 40 percent of car cost,” he said.

(Source: news18)

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