December 05, 2022

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Nio Inc to have 4,000 battery swapping stations globally by 2025

Nio Inc

Nio Inc to have 4,000 battery swapping stations globally by 2025

NIO has unveiled ‘NIO Power 2025’, the battery swap station deployment plan, at its first NIO Power Day in Shanghai. The Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio Inc has planned to install 4,000 battery swapping stations globally in 2025. The company president Qin Lihong said it plans to have 4,000 battery swapping stations globally in 2025.

Nio plans to install 700 battery swapping stations by the end of this year. For the European market, NIO has chosen Norway as its first entry point. The ES8, the flagship smart electric SUV with an electric range of around 500km (WLTP), is the first model NIO is offering in Europe.

NIO’s all-electric smart sedan ET7 will follow in 2022. Pre-orders for the ES8 will be available from July, with deliveries starting from September. The first four stations are scheduled to go into operation before the end of 2021. More swap stations will be added in 2022, creating initially a power network in five cities in Norway.

Nio Inc

NIO Power, a power service system based on NIO Power Cloud, provides a holistic charging and swapping service experience to the users via its extensive power network encompassing battery swap stations, charging stations, Power Mobiles, and its professional service teams.

At current, the NIO has built 301 NIO Power Swap stations, 204 Power Charger stations and 382 destination charging stations in China and completed more than 2.9 million swaps and 600,000 uses of One-Click-for-Power services.

In a press release, NIO states: ‘In China, NIO users refer to residence within a 3 km radius from a battery swap station as ‘Swap Station District House. Currently about 29% NIO users live in the swap station district. In 2025, 90% NIO users in China will be living less than 3 km away from a battery swap station’.

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