June 23, 2024

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MYLO Electric Folding Scooter-World Smallest Ebike

mylo electric scooter

I really like the Sentence Size doesn’t matter stamina matters, exactly this word comes into my mind after looking this Electric scooter from MYLO.MYLO electric scooter fits right into your hands and folds in less than a second. With one charge it can give a mileage of 24 to 48km.

Mylo electric scooter
MYLO Electric Scooter Features

  • Ultra compact and manageable to store anywhere
  • Best for riding everywhere
  • Best range guarantee with secondary battery option


Specifications of Smallest EBike

  1. Motor capacity of 250w
  2. Top speed of 28Km
  3. Tire size 14×2.125
  4. Battery capacity-36V
  5. Front and rear lights.
  6. Hydraulic brakes.

mylo electric scooter ebike

Price of the Three Wheel Electric Scooter

MYLO electric scooters available in the MID-September 2018 with a Price of $1,495.00.From a child to an adult everyone can enjoy this electric scooter.

mylo electric scooter



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