July 12, 2024

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Racing Car to an Electric Car-Tommykaira ZZ EV

racing car

Tommykaira ZZ EV is the dream of 15 years. Tommykaira ZZ is a pure racing car in 1997, this car has fans even today. It is an airconditioned lightweight car. Due to the japnese ministry of transport laws
the racing car structure has changed and launched into the domestic market.

Fianlly after 15 years, Tommykaira ZZ revived as EV. The new invention in the interior and exterior with EV power train boasts powerful acceleration.

racing car

Specifications of Racing Car

Top acceleration of 0-100km/h in 3.9 sec.

Maximum power of 305 HP

Electrifing 415Nm torque.

Top speed of 180km/h

racing car

Redefined Performance

The racing electric car chassis looks like a bathtub-shaped mainframe.
Designed for a low center of gravity and lightness to the limit.

racing car


Price of Tommykaira ZZ Electric Car

The price of Tommykaira ZZ electric car is 52Laks in INR and $76923 in USD.

racing car

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