June 12, 2024

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Mitsui & World’s 4th largest motor maker Teco will make EV motors in India


Mitsui & World’s 4th largest motor maker

Teco will make EV motors in India

The Japanese trading house Mitsui & Co. has partnered with Taiwanese motor manufacturer Teco to produce electric vehicles motors in India. The first Japanese company to make EV motors in India.

Mitsui & Teco joint venture

The Teco-Electric & Machinery is the world’s fourth-largest industrial motor maker with the annual sales of around $1.63 billion. The company also made Taiwan’s high-speed trains components.

The joint venture will build a 1.5 billion yen ($13.6 million) plant in Bangalore. As per the partnership 40% is owned by Mitsui and 60% by Teco. The factory has a 5,500-sq.-meter space.

The plant will have more than 200 employees and can produce 110,000 motors, 60,000 EV motors and 50,000 industrial motors in a year. There is also an additional building on site.
Mitsui will develop the production by two types of motors. To produce industrial motors needs manual work like assembly and inspection. Teco believes that it can make the motors cheaper in India.

They will also include the automating production of EV motors if the demand for EV motors grows.

The Japanese company will look after the marketing for the joint venture. Its rivals are ABB Switzerland, Siemens Germany, and Indian automakers. The Japanese car and motorcycles and local startups will be their potential customers. The company is also expected to export in the coming years in future.

Motors for India’s electric motorcycle market

Mitsui is hoping to manufacture 3kW to 35kW output motors for electric motorcycles and wants to lead the market for high-end power motors which will be equal to a 12cc gasoline engines when compared for the power output.

Motors for India’s electric bus market

It also wants to supply 115kW to 315kW power output motors to India’s electric bus market. As most of the buses travel for shorter distances than cars that’s why it is said that buses are well suited for electrification.

Many major automakers make their own motors for EVs but many new carmakers and startups want to buy motors from outside suppliers. As automakers increase the development of EVs, Mitsui expects more procurement of EV components from outside suppliers over the next five to 10 years.

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