July 13, 2024

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Meet the Biro O2 concept electric car made up of 80% recycled plastics

Biro O2 concept electric car

Have you ever thought that an electric car can be made of recycled plastics? Here is an example, Biro O2 concept electric car is made up of 80% recycled plastics.

Meet the Biro O2 concept electric car made up of 80% recycled plastics

This electric concept car is from Mandalaki Studio, it has collaborated with the Italian car company Estrima to design its first electric concept car which is made up of 80% recycled plastics.

Biro O2 concept electric car presented at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

It was presented during the Milan design week at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery (a design gallery & courtyard to showcase the emerging global talent) as part of the gallerist’s Ro Plastic Prize that invited designers to develop new innovations and ideas to recycle and reuse the plastic.

O2 electric car is made with a higher percentage of recycled plastic than any other vehicles in the market. The concept is derived from the original Biro car, a fully electric model made for city commutes. It takes less space to park and its unique feature is that its batteries are removable.

Biro O2 concept electric car
Biro O2 concept electric car

Mandalaki designer Enrico De Lotto

“We try to develop projects that can have a real impact on people’s lives, and not just make things that are nice to look at, projects should be functional and solve needs,”

“For this reason, we started to work on the idea of electric mobility elevated at the maximum stage of sustainability, and thought that Biro could be the perfect partner to develop this concept because its model is extremely minimal,” said Mandalaki designer Enrico De Lotto.

The concept car is made with a huge amount of waste left on roads such as cones signboards.

These are made into a fine powder, kept for rotational molding process and then the car’s structures have been made which includes front and rear components and the rear hatch.

The other components of the vehicles such as seats, the tachometer, steering wheel, and doors have been made from different types of non-recycled plastic.


The electric car’s exterior with the blue flecks gives the meaning of the motion of the wind and ocean which represents the vital flow of our planet.

Specifications of Biro O2 concept electric car

The powerful electric engine that is able to reach a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour
and can travel 100 kilometers on each charge.

The makers of the car are working to make cars using 100% recycled plastic parts by the end of the next year.

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