May 19, 2024

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Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd EVs With Their Incentives Provided By the Government

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd, The Government approved Rs 10,000 crore under the second phase of FAME India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India) for the promotion of electric and hybrid vehicles through FAME II.

“The main objective of the scheme is to encourage faster adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles by way of offering an upfront incentive on a purchase of electric vehicles,” said the government in a statement.

According To FAME India As on 22nd March 2019

  • Total Number of electric vehicles Sold-267342
  • Fuel saved in liters- 42719560
  • Fuel saving per day- 52523
  • CO2 reduction per day- 130190
  • CO2 reduction in Kg- 106602380
  • Total incentive amount- Rs.3207013400.00
  • Total number of incentive claimed- 267184

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited is one of the most popular and leading companies for the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

E2O T2 – 48V Li-on Winston 450 Amp, E2O T1 -72V Li-ion ATL 550 Amp, E2O T6 – 48V Li-ion CALB, 450 AMP, e2o Plus P4, e2o Plus P2, e2o Plus P6, e2o Plus P8, TREO HRT, TREO SFT, Treo Yaari HRT TREO YAARI SFT are electric vehicles of Mahindra Electric Mobility. 

Here are the incentive list provided by the government for electric vehicles. Below are the electric vehicles from Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd with its incentives list.

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited


Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 E2O T2 – 48V Li-on Winston 450 Amp Four Wheeler 124000
2 E2O T1 -72V Li-ion ATL 550 Amp Four Wheeler 124000
3 E2O T6 – 48V Li -ion CALB 450 AMP Four Wheeler 124000
4 e2o Plus P4 Four Wheeler 124000
5 e2o Plus P2 Four Wheeler 124000
6 e2o Plus P6 Four Wheeler 124000
7 e2o Plus P8 Four Wheeler 124000
8 TREO HRT Three Wheeler 61000
9 TREO SFT Three Wheeler 61000
10 Treo Yaari HRT Unknown 45000
11 TREO YAARI SFT Unknown 45000

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