May 18, 2024

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Best Electric Car In India- Mahindra e20 Plus

Best Electric Car In India

Mahindra e20 Plus

Mahindra e20 Plus is all electric hatchback which is zippy and compact with a 19KW motor powered by the 48-cell 11KWhr lithium-ion battery. e20 plus gives the mileage of 110kms on a single charge. It comes with an additional patented ‘Revive’ that lets you go extra 5kms when you run out of charge in emergency cases. It is the Best Electric Car In India.

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Best Electric Car In India

Mahindra Electric Mobility is the first electric vehicle company in India. They have a huge market of EVs, they have combined with the leading manufacturer in India- Reva Electric Car company which is now called as Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles. The company provides eco-mobility solutions.

Mahindra e20 plus from Mahindra electric all-electric car with its unique features such as advanced technology, cost-effective, driving convenience, planet-friendly, safety lets have a detail look into the features.

Best Electric Car In India
Best Electric Car In India

Mahindra e20 Plus Features

Advanced Technology

With e20 plus you can experience the futuristic technology with the regenerative braking, Revive, smartphone app connectivity, Easy to charge, advanced battery technology, precool, iEMS technology.


it is cost effective, saves on taxes, maintenance cost is low, the government is providing incentives for EV users.

Driving Convenience

Direct drive transimission, small turning radius, regular progress reports, instant torque.

Best Electric Car In India
Best Electric Car In India

Planet friendly

Zero tailpipe emission, low carbon footprint, born green,


It provides complete safety with a unique high strength steel frame that keeps people safe sitting inside.

Mahindra e20 Plus Specifications
  • Driving Range- 140 km, 110 km
  • Revive- 5 km
  • Battery- 280 AH
  • Motor-19 KW
  • Gross Weight- 1257 KG
  • Top Speed- 80K
Mahindra e20 Price In India

Mahindra e20 price starts from 5.46 Lakh to 8.46 Lakh in India.


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