August 20, 2019

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List of Upcoming electric cars in india

List of Upcoming electric cars in India

Electric cars overview:

The Indian government announced that the automotive industry will be transformed into electric by 2030 and also take steps to achieve this target. Recently, Tata Motors launched 250 electric vehicles as a part of vision 2030 electric go green India, these consecutive steps allowing a huge scope for plug-ins in India for the upcoming years, so let’s have a look at the electric cars going to launch in India.List of Upcoming electric cars in India mentioned below.

List of Upcoming electric cars in India

BMW i5 :

BMW is one of the premium car makers’s in the world. It has already launched the i8 in India, the next version will be I5. The i5 will be a luxurious electric sedan will going to available in Indian market in 2019. This electric car is powerful and has a wide range of 600 km. It will go from 0-100km/hr in about 4 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 km/hr. The expected price is around 65 lakhs.

List of Upcoming electric cars in india
List of Upcoming electric cars in india

Jaguar i-Pace :

Jaguar is a well-known automobile brand in India.Jaguar i-Pace comes with a powerful 90kW/h engine that produces about 400bhp and 700Nm torque.This has a range of 354km and also having 150kW powered by two electric motors as well. The price will be around 5o lakhs and available at the end of 2018.


List of Upcoming electric cars in India
List of Upcoming electric cars in India

Tata Tigor EV:

TIGOR EV is the latest electric car launched by Tata motors in 2018 Auto expo. However, it will be officially available in the market on the first half of 2019.It is available in three variants divided into Basic, Premium and High versions. The price of Tigor EV will be around 11,50,000 including GST and available in Indian market in the second half of 2018. Below are the specifications.

Fully automatic air condition.
Max speed 130 km/hr.
Dual Front Airbags.
100km in 0-11sec.
Battery 85kw.
Max torque 200N/m.
Charging time 6 hrs.
Single charge 100km.

Tata Tiago EV:

Tiago EV is the electric sedan launched by tata motors in 2018 Auto expo. It will be officially available in the market on September 2018.The price of Tiago Ev will be around 6lakhs in India. Below are the specifications:
Battery 85kw,Max speed 130 km/hr,Max torque 200N/m.


Renault Kwid EV :

Renault has confirmed that it’s performing on a Kwid-based electron volt for the Chinese market. And if the affordable electron volt is palmy within the Dragon land, the automaker can export it to different countries as well as India. The automobile is nearing its production over there and is probably going to succeed in Indian shores by 2022. There is no official announcement of the price.

Mahindra KUV 100 EV :

Mahindra is that the solely Indian manufacturing business that has been releasing electrical cars of late. The native automaker is currently wheelwork up to launch its initial electrical SUV – the KUV100 heat unit. The vehicle has been noticed testing recently, indicating associate degree early launch. It is expect the electrical KUV100 to launch in 2018.The price will be in between 9 to 11 lakhs.

Mahindra XUV 500 EV :

The XUV five hundred is lighter and supported a monocoque chassis. once adding gasoline variants to all or any its cars, the car manufacturer has pledged to launch electrical versions of its entire lineup within the country. The future electrical SUV can supply the very best vary among the on the market Mahindra EVs can run for 170-180 km per charge.The price will be around 15 lakhs.



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