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List of electric vehicles startups funding in India 

electric vehicles startups funding

List of electric vehicles startups funding in India 

When we hear the word funding, immediately money hits our mind. Yes, it is obvious! to run any business money is the most important asset. Any business or the company cannot be in only one stage, if it wants to develop it has to invest either in smaller or larger amounts. Similarly, the electric vehicles companies and startups raise funds to develop their productions, sales, marketing, inventories, expansions of office spaces, sales or production, and research and development purposes which leads the companies to grow in the industry. In this article, we have listed some of the funding deals of electric vehicles companies and startups. Let us now look at the list of electric vehicle companies seed funding.

There are many types of funding, for example, funding rounds, venture capitalists, angel investors. For electric vehicles, startups or companies I have mostly heard funding rounds, Angel investors, venture capitalists.

Electric vehicles startups funding

Here is the table list of electric vehicles startups with their total funding amount and when they have done their funding information.

S.No  Company  Total Funding Amt Last Funding
1 Ather Energy $102.2M 2020/Nov
2 Etrio $3M 2020/Sep
3 Euler Motors $18.2M 2020/May
4 Yulu $20M 2020/Jun
5 Ultraviolette Automotive $4.9M 2020/Sep
6 Earth Energy EV Undisclosed 2020/Jul
7 Welectric $130K 2020/Oct
8 ION Energy $4.6M 2021/Jul
9  Log9 Materials $8.9M 2021/Aug
10 BluSmart Mobility $17.1M 2020/Sep
11 Cell Propulsion $4.1M 2021/Jun
12 Bounce $6.5M 2020/Mar
13 Gtinntech $2M 2020/Aug
14 RACEnergy $2M 2021/Aug
15 eBikeGo $2.2M 2021/Feb
16 Emflux Motors $538.8K 2018/Jan
17 Ampere Vehicles $3.3M 2015/Jul
18 ATI Motors $3.5M 2021/Jul
19 Orxa Energies $1.19M 2019/Dec
20 Gayam Motor Works $50M 2021/Mar
21 Cellestial E-Mobility $700K 2021/May
22 Revolt Motors ₹1.5B 2021/Apr
23 Battre Electric Mobility Undisclosed 2019/Jul
24 B:Live $1.7M 2021/Jul

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