June 14, 2024

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List of Electric Vehicles Startups in India

EV Startups in India List

It is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. We can see they are becoming popular every day. We are witnessing many EV startups to come up with some amazing innovations to provide environmentally friendly first and last-mile solutions which can reduce the pollutions levels in the country. Here is the list of EV startups in India


EV Startups in India List

EV Startups in India List

EV Startups Location Category Founded Year Launch Year
Emflux Motors Bengaluru Two-Wheeler 2016 2020
Ather Energy Bengaluru Two-Wheeler 2013 Launched
Srivaru Motors Tamil Nadu Two-Wheeler 2014 2019
Tork Motors Pune Two-Wheeler 2010 2019
Ultraviolette Automotive Bengaluru  Two-Wheeler 2015 2019
Ampere Vehicles Coimbatore Two-Wheeler 2008 Launched
Strom Motors Mumbai Four-Wheeler 2011
Twenty Two Motors Gurugram Two-Wheeler 2016 Launched
Okinawa Autotech Gurugram Two-Wheeler 2015 Launched
ATI Motors Bengaluru Three-wheeler 2017 2019
Tunwal E-Vehicle Gujarat Two-Wheeler 2014 Launched
eMotion Motors Tamil Nadu Two-Wheeler 2011 Launched
Orxa energies Bengaluru Two-Wheeler 2015 2019
Yulu Bikes Pvt Ltd Bengaluru Two-Wheeler 2017 Launched
Menza Motors Gujarat Two-Wheeler 2016 Launched
GoGreen BOV Bengaluru Two-Wheeler 2011 Launched
Spero Electric Tamil Nadu Two-Wheeler
Hriman Motors LLP Mumbai Four-Wheeler
Lush Motors Hyderabad Three-wheeler 2013
Gayam Motors Works Hyderabad Three-wheeler 2010 Launched
Cellestial E-Mobility Hyderabad Heavy vehicles 2019 Launched
Li-ions Elektrik Gurugram Two-Wheeler Launched
E-Trio Automobiles Hyderabad Two-Wheeler 2017 Launched
PuREnergy Hyderabad Two-Wheeler 2016 Launched
Lohia Auto Uttarpradesh Two-Wheeler & Three Wheeler 2008 Launched
Atom Motors Andhra Pradesh 2,3 & 4 Wheelers & Bus 2017
Avera Electric Vehicles Amaravathi Two-Wheeler 2017 Launched
Verge Motors Bengaluru Two-Wheeler 2015
B:Live Goa Two-Wheeler 2010 Launched
Radham Motors Tamil Nadu Two-Wheeler 2014
Gugu Energy Tamil Nadu Two-Wheeler 2015 2019
Sina Mobility Bengaluru Three-Wheeler 2017
Robust Vehicles Rajasthan Two-Wheeler 2016 2020
Revolt Motors Delhi Two-Wheeler 2019
Smado Labs Pvt Ltd Kerala Two-Wheeler Launched
MotioNMan Electric Haryana Two-Wheeler 2018 Launched
Battre Electric Hyderabad Two-Wheeler Launched
Dexpress Mumbai Two-Wheeler launched


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