October 22, 2020

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Lime launches subscriptions for e-scooters reducing cost for regular riders

Lime launches subscriptions for e-scooters 

Lime launches subscriptions for e-scooters reducing cost for regular riders

Unlock life with Lime, the global leader in micro mobility. Lime an electric scooter and bike sharing app providing micro-mobility solutions which includes dock free rental bikes, e-assist bikes and electric scooters. Lime has now come up with a new subscription service called LimePass that is likely to further attract the riders to use electric scooters regularly as part of their everyday commutes. Lime launches subscriptions for e-scooters for regular users. 

Lime launches subscriptions for e-scooters

More than 50% of riders worldwide use Lime’s electric scooters for everyday commutes and for personal trips. The rides are regular and will add up overtime, so the company has made efforts to incentive the regular commutes or trips. It has a weekly subscription service known as LimePass.

Lime launches subscriptions for e-scooters 

It will offer a unlimited scooter unlocks for seven consecutive days for a one-time fee. The fee varies city to city and depends on the specifics of each market. Most US cities will see the new LimePass service for $4.99.

Lime E-scooter unlocking fee

The unlocking fee is usually $1 or €1 in most markets. Thus if a rider will use the Lime scooter twice a day he or she is likely to regain $4.99 LimePass fee in just two and a half days, leaving the rest of the week with free scooter unlocks. This way, if the rider uses a Lime scooter twice a day for five days a week it will save them around $364 per year.

The LimePass subscription services is being rolled out in cities in the US, Australia, and New Zealand and some other cities are expected to get from next month.

Earlier few months back,Lime has unveiled the Group Ride Feature which allows a single user to unlock multiple scooters using his or her account. It enables friends to ride along while keeping all of the scooters on a single tab.

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