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Let’s take a look at who is the best off Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x vs TVS iQube ST

Let’s take a look at who is the best off Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x vs TVS iQube ST

What are the pros and cons of these e-scooters in an electric revolution? Check it out.


It’s no exaggeration to say that an electric revolution is underway in the Indian two-wheeler market, with three prominent models competing for the lead. While offering a lifestyle, TVS opted in the opposite direction and developed an exact replacement for the ICE family of scooters with the iQube Electric. Putting these scooters head-to-head, let’s see how they compare.



Ola Electric has launched the next generation electric scooter S1 Pro. The price is Rs 1,15,777 for the standard variant. A single variant is available in 10 colors. The Ola Electric S1 Pro is overpriced for its performance. But if you’re a college student looking for your first electric scooter, or want a dynamically reordering electric scooter without intimidating performance, this is the electric scooter for you.

The Ola Electric S1 Pro Standard variant is priced at Rs 1,15,777. The Ola Electric S1 Pro has many unique and innovative features. The Ola Electric S1 Pro is equipped with a trip light switch, engine stop switch, digital trip meter, passenger footrests, passenger grab bar and passenger seat.

Featuring a mid-drive IPM motor, the Ola Electric S1 Pro offers a great ride. The Ola Electric S1 Pro maintains a top speed of 114 km/h. The Ola Electric S1 Pro has a motor power of 8,500 W and a motor torque of 58 Nm.



The Ola Electric S1 Pro is supported by a single fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear. The Ola Electric S1 Pro has a 220mm disc in the front and a 180mm disc in the rear used for braking. The Ola Electric S1 Pro has 165 mm ground clearance. It has an overall height of 1,160 mm, an overall length of 1,859 mm, a wheelbase of 1,359 mm and an overall width of 712 mm. The Ola Electric S1 Pro weighs 125 kg.

The Ola Electric S1 Pro has an automatic transmission. The Ola Electric S1 Pro also has reverse gears.

Expert ratings show the S1 Pro is one of the most powerful electric motorcycles available today. This is thanks to its 8.5 kW permanent magnet motor. While many other real-world electric cars feel underwhelming, the Ola has no trouble keeping up with (and passing) city traffic, and can tread on its own on wider, faster roads.



top 10 electric scooters in india

The Ather 450 X was launched in India on 28 January 2020. The Ather 450 X, an electric scooter, produces 3300W of power from a turbine. In addition to front and rear disc tires, the Ather 450X has a brake system linked to both wheels.

While the Ather 450X will be cheaper, the Ather 450 Plus will be discontinued. The company has slashed the scooter price by Rs. At 14,500, it becomes more affordable for our customers. The updated Ather 450X is currently priced from Rs. 96,588 (former showroom, Ahmedabad). Additionally, the Ather 450X is also available with an additional Pro pack, which raises the price up to Rs. 128,443 (formerly Showrooms), offering a wide range of features and amenities. These prices include a home charger.

The Ather 450 X comes in two versions, with a starting price of Rs. 1,40,297 to Rs. 1,59,311. The bike comes in three pleasant shades: green, grey, and white. On a single charge, the Ather 450 X offers a range of 116 km, which is one of the best in its class.

The 450X offers more power and torque than the 450Plus. The 450X’s electric motor has 6 kW (8.04 hp) and 26 Nm. It accelerates from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.3 seconds and has a 85 km range. Also, the 450X Visa and all updated curve modes are based on improved battery pack caps.

The 450 Plus’s dynamic engine power is 5.4 kW and 22 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h takes 3.9 seconds and has a 70 km range. A smocked seat headlight, full LED lighting, Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen cluster, music and call controls, and integrated 4G LTE SIM are some of the scooter’s features. The scooter’s equipment consists of a telescopic front fork, a rear monoshock absorber and ball brakes on both wheels. Another, its 450X Hometail, offers a fast squeal and regenerates array packs at about 80% at 1 km per minute. With a handy charger, the battery can be charged via a 5A crater.

The Ather 450X offers owners superior performance, equipped with a touchscreen instrument cluster and fast charging. They are very expensive, only available in some cities, and have few color options.

The bike weighs around 150 kg and has a seat height of 780 mm. The speed range extends from 80 km/h.




The smart e-scooter TVS iQube ST is an electric scooter  that can travel at speeds of up to 82 km/h. The vehicle has an intelligent parking assistant and is very comfortable and easy to drive. It weighs about 128kg and has a 10 degree rise.

Speaking of the design, it features sleek tubular construction with telescopic front suspension and adjustable hydraulic twin-tube shock absorber rear suspension. As for the overall dimensions, they are as follows: Length, width and height are 1805mm, 645mm and 1140mm respectively. Ground clearance, in other words, the floor-to-floor distance of the vehicle frame is 157 mm. The dimension from the lowest point of the vehicle seat to the floor is 770 mm. Note that the wheelbase, i.e. the distance between the front and rear axles of the vehicle, is 1301 mm.

The TVS iQube ST has a top speed of 82 km/h. Two modes are available on this scooter. The economy of 145 km of range on a single charge and the power of 110 km of range on a single charge. Acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h takes 4.2 seconds. All this power comes from a 4.56kWh battery that takes 2.5 hours to charge from 0% to 80%.

A double tube hydraulic suspension is used for the rear suspension, while the front suspension is telescopic. The front braking system is a disc braking system and the rear braking system is a conventional one. This TVS iQube variant has a 7-inch touchscreen.



Another feature worth mentioning is the Parking Assistant, which reverses the scooter with the push of a button. All models have USB ports for mobile charging. Other TVS iQube features include geofencing, intruder alarm, live location status, distance display and stand display. Considering the characteristics of this scooter, the TVS iQube ST is quite cheap at around 125,000.

TVS Motors has closed pre-orders for this variant of the TVS iQube series. There is currently no information from the authorities on when pre-booking will resume. There’s also no news about the delivery of existing orders, though some tweets from the agency claim they’re working to deliver them as soon as possible.


Now it’s your turn to choose the most suitable one from these which perfectly joins you for a comfortable and extraordinary travel experience.


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